Clinical Trials and Research Studies

Porphyrin uptake in lung cancer cells by dynamin-mediated endocytosis: a novel marker of dysregulated endocytosis in cancer. American Society of Cell Biology Annual Meeting, December, 2015

Porphyrins are dynamic molecules involved in many biological processes, including oxygen and electron transport.  Porphyrins have also been known to incorporate more readily into cancer cells compared to non-cancerous cells, and this property of porphyrins is being explored for diagnostic and therapeutic applications in cancer patients.

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Early Detection of Lung Cancer with Meso Tetra (4-Carboxyphenyl) Porphine (TCPP)-Labeled Sputum, Journal of Thoracic Oncology, September, 2015

The clinical study demonstrated 81% accuracy in detecting cancer from sputum samples collected from participants in two cohorts. The high-risk cohort included military veterans who had smoked at least 20 pack-years.

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Internal Validation Research Trial

In this internal study, the assay revealed 100% specificity and 100% sensitivity.
Researchers investigated meso Tetra (4-Carboxyphenyl) Porphine (TCPP), a porphyrin that can label cancer cells.

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