bioAffinity Technologies Announces Patent Award in China

PUBLISHED ON December 14, 2015

SAN ANTONIO, TX (December 14, 2015) bioAffinity Technologies announced the People’s Republic of China awarded a Certificate of Invention Patent for the Company’s proprietary CyPath® assay, a bio-label that preferentially binds to cancer cells and labels them a brilliant crimson red that can be detected and measured by fluorescent imaging.

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Three questions with BioAffinity CEO Maria Zannes

PUBLISHED ON October 23, 2015

San Antonio Business Journal (October 23, 2015) San Antonio’s BioAffinity Technologies was invited to present its novel technology for the detection and diagnosis of early-stage lung cancer at the 2015 Pharmaceutical/Medtech Dealmaking Symposium in Chicago last week.

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bioAffinity Technologies was selected as one of San Antonio’s Top 2020 Innovators. In this video, you will see Maria Zannes, President and Chief Executive Officer, speak about what drives motivation, innovation and success and kick off San Antonio’s premier annual event celebrating the City’s healthcare and bioscience industry.