Early cancer detection
Targeted cancer treatment

bioAffinity Technologies applies experience, intelligence, collaboration, and creativity to the global fight against cancer. We know that by unlocking our personal potential, we make discoveries that give others an opportunity to live longer and more enjoyable lives.

Cancer starts at the cellular level. That’s where CyPath® finds it.

Non-invasive, early-stage cancer diagnostics and targeted therapeutics

A longer and more enjoyable life

Our innovative scientific research results in non-invasive diagnostics and advanced treatments in the fight against cancer.

Early Detection of Cancer and Targeted Treatment Saves Lives

Addressing a critical need to find cancer early and treat cancer specifically bioAffinity Technologies, Inc. develops tests and therapies to detect and treat cancer at the cellular level.  CyPath® Lung, bioAffinity Technologies’ first product, is being developed for the detection of early-stage lung cancer.

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CyPath® uses a porphyrin molecule that displays an unusually high affinity to bind to cancer cells.  The technology labels cancer’s ability to stimulate its own growth by hijacking cellular processes that exist in every normal cell.  Once labeled with CyPath®, cancer cells fluoresce brightly and can be distinguished from non-cancer cells.  bioAffinity Technologies also uses other porphyrin molecules to create new treatments that can deliver lethal cytotoxins selectively to cancer.

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