2017 in Review: San Antonio biotech companies score big wins

PUBLISHED ON December 29, 2017

San Antonio Business Journal (December 26, 2017) San Antonio-based bioAffinity Technologies Inc. hit the jackpot this summer. In July, I reported that the company had closed on its Series A funding round, raising more than $4 million — $1 million more than it had sought.

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bioAffinity Technologies adds talent in march to market

PUBLISHED ON December 11, 2017

San Antonio Business Journal (December 8, 2017) In an effort to shore up plans to commercialize its initial product, bioAffinity Technologies is adding more scientific and financial firepower to its arsenal. The San Antonio-based biotech is expanding its leadership team.

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bioAffinity Technologies was selected as one of San Antonio’s Top 2020 Innovators. In this video, you will see Maria Zannes, President and Chief Executive Officer, speak about what drives motivation, innovation and success and kick off San Antonio’s premier annual event celebrating the City’s healthcare and bioscience industry.