Non-Invasive Detection and Novel Treatment for Cancer

Red blood cellsbioAffinity Technologies, Inc. is a privately held developmental-stage company addressing the significant unmet need for non-invasive, early-stage cancer diagnosis and treatment. The Company develops proprietary in-vitro diagnostic tests and targeted cancer therapeutics using breakthrough technology that preferentially targets cancer cells. The Company’s platform technology will be developed to diagnose, monitor, and treat many cancers. CyPath® Lung, bioAffinity Technologies’ initial product, is designed to be the first successful non-invasive, early-stage lung cancer diagnostic on the market.

CyPath® acts as a bio-label that displays an unusually high affinity to bind to cancer cells. The technology labels cancer’s ability to stimulate its own growth by hijacking cellular processes that exist in every normal cell. Once labeled, cancer cells fluoresce a brilliant red. Non-cancer cells do not fluoresce brightly when labeled with the test.

Cancer cells labeled with CyPath® are differentiated from non-cancer cells using a sophisticated commercial imaging system that measures the light emitted by cells at a specific wavelength. Cancer cells in bodily fluids take up significantly more CyPath® than non-cancer cells. This increased uptake results in greater photon (light) emissions from cancer cells than non-cancer cells. The difference between the amount of light emitted by cancer and non-cancer cells allows scientists and physicians to detect cancer in a human sample such as phlegm, urine or other fluids.

Chemotherapy drugs also can be attached to CyPath® that is taken up by cancerous tumors in much greater amounts than non-cancer tissue. The Company is developing a diverse number of targeted therapeutics based on its platform technology to provide novel drugs in the fight against cancer. The Company’s onco-selective therapeutics will be available to partners through a variety of licensing agreements tailored to the stage of drug development and the partner’s goals and financial position.

The discussion and conclusions concerning the bioAffinity Technologies, Inc. screening and diagnostic technology presented in this website are based on the results of studies and investigations. bioAffinity Technologies, Inc.’s screening and diagnostic technology has not received any regulatory approvals and is not commercially available for sale.

bioAffinity Technologies is proud to play a part in UT Health San Antonio’s video highlighting our impressive collaboration in cancer research with Dr. Alex Pertsemlidis, the Principal Investigator who is working alongside bioAffinity’s dedicated scientists to uncover the mechanisms of cancer.